Deer Lodge Preservation, Inc (DLPI) is a 501(c)3 – a not for profit corporation. It was organized by four women who are dedicated to bringing back to life, the Hotel Deer Lodge.

Board members are:

    Katherine Bair, President

    Kayo Fraser, Vice President

    Debra Benes, Secretary/Treasurer

    Donna McCarthy

    Mary Ann Fraley

Ms Fraley is the former Mayor of Deer Lodge. She played a significant role in the original purchase of the hotel for the Deer Lodge Development Group, (DLDG) also a not for profit corporation dedicated to revitalizing Deer Lodge. The Hotel project required specific dedication to its restoration so this new corporation, the DLPI was formed to focus only on the hotel. All donations, grants, gifts and endowments will go to the hotel for research, abatement, repair, reconstruction and minor corporate expenses which include but not limited to taxes, insurance, debt reduction, interest on the loan and attorney fees.

Advisers include:

Warner Bair, author, retired attorney and judge

    David Austin, former City Council member

    Kirby Matthew, Historic Preservation

    Jacque Lavelle, National Park Service


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